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San Miguel LLave Insurance

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We have found that many of our clients need different kinds of insurance when they come to San Miguel. We are licensed insurance brokers and are affiliated with the largest insurance company in Latin America— AXA

We can provide you with “national or international” HEALTH insurance, and offer some of the lowest yearly premiums for AUTO insurance in Mexico and when traveling to the United States. Our writers also provide coverage for HOME, FIRE, THEFT, as well as CIVIL LIABILITY and LIFE Insurance, plus EDUCATIONAL ENDOWMENTS, all at competitive prices.

In keeping with our personalized approach to service, if there is an emergency, we will be there to help you file any insurance reports

Largest Company in Latin America
License Broker
We Provide Health Insurance, both National and International.
Insurance for Foreign and National Cars
House Insurance
Residential and Hotel Civil Liability
Life and Educational Insurance
Competitive prices
Personal assistance with any Emergency!


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