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San Miguel de Allende is a colonial town in the highlands of central Mexico . More than 100,000 people reside in or around the city. Over the last five years, the expatriate community has almost doubled in size and Americans, Canadians and Europeans number approximately 8000 full time residents. Tourism is a major industry here and tens of thousands of people visit San Miguel each year.

Founded in 1542, San Miguel El Grande was originally an important stop on the Antigua Camino Real, part of the silver route from Zacatecas. But the city's historical claim to fame came about through a series of odd connecting events. On September 16, 1810 , the Mexican War of Independence against Spain began in the nearby town of Dolores (now known as Dolores Hidalgo) when Padre Miguel Hidalgo issued his famous “Grito”—a shout heard throughout Mexico . In San Miguel, General Ignacio Allende joined forces with Hidalgo , leading the insurgent forces to several victories.

However, soon afterwards these two leaders were captured and beheaded by the advancing Spaniards. Both of these men became martyrs to the Mexican people and by 1821, Mexico had won its freedom from Spain . A few years later, in honor of its native son, the town was renamed San Miguel de Allende.

By the early 1900's, as the mineral wealth decreased, San Miguel de Allende was in danger of becoming a ghost town. Then in 1926, it was declared a national monument (no new style buildings or billboard signs) and by World War II, the first group of Mexican celebrities and foreigners began to buy land in the city known as “the Forge of National Independence.” Beginning in the 1950's, the Instituto Allende, a US accredited art school, made education grants available to war veterans and San Miguel began to acquire an international reputation as a cultural center.

San Miguel de Allende, now almost 500 years old, is more popular than ever. Its superb year-round climate, colonial architecture and cobblestone streets, the wealth of art institutions and galleries, and the dozens of excellent restaurants have made the city an excellent place to retire or purchase second homes. As we enter the 21 st century, the Patrimonio of Mexico has at long last been recognized by magazines, newspapers and broadcast media as the cultural gem that it is—a monument not just to the heritage of Mexico , but to Mankind.


Tio Lucas - Mesones 103
Tel: (415) 152-4996
El Pegaso- Corregidora 6
(across from the Post Office)
Tel: (415) 152-1351
Nirvana - Hernández Macias 56-A
Tel: (415) 150-0067
Limerick Pub - Umarán 24, Centro
Tel. (415) 154-8642
Berlin Pub
El Atrio de La Capilla - Cuna de Allende 10 Tel: (415) 152-0698
Harry's New Orleans Cafe - Hidalgo 12
Tel: (415) 152-2645
Ole Ole
Planta Baja - Canal 28
Mivida - Hernandez Macias 97
Mama Mia


Many visitors have found it easier to have us arrange their transportation from any of the 3 airports, Mexico City, Leon/Guanajuato & Queretaro to San Miguel. Please contact us and we will be happy to make all the arrangements for you. The drivers are not only bilingual, but know San Miguel and can take you directly to your destination from any point of arrival.

Mexico City Airport to Queretaro: Mexico City's airport is called Benito Juarez International Airport, MEX.Take the bus to Queretaro. There, you will change bus for San Miguel which leaves every 30 minutes or you can arrange for one of our drivers to pick you up.

Mexico City Airport to City bus terminal to Queretaro then to San Miguel: Go to the ¨Terminal del NORTE¨ Bus Station and board a ¨first class¨ bus direct to San Miguel with one stop in Queretaro.

Car into México: In order to enter Mexico with your own vehicle, you need to get a temporary import permit at the office of Hacienda (The Mexican IRS) on the Mexican side of the border.You will need a valid driver's license and you must have ownership documentation; such as, the original title and/or vehicle registration. It is also a very good idea to make copies of these documents and keep them in a safe place. You must pay an import duty of $11.00 USD with a major credit card (American Express, Visa or Master Card).

In order to guarantee your car, this fee must be paid with a major credit card (American Express, Visa or Master Card). Depending on the day of the week, it may take several hours to process the paperwork to enter the country


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San Miguel Rental Sale Management Construction
This month, the streets of San Miguel are beautifully decorated with many flags and ornaments celebrating Mexican Independence Day on the 15th. Come enjoy this wonderful time and celebrate with us!

If you need help or more information please Contact Us
Bull Fight San Miguel

Sep 11 thru 15

Ask us for more information or click HERE

Amazing golf tournament from Sep 11 thru 15. There will be fabulous prizes for the winners

Sep 13

3:00 PM

Celebrating Mexico at the TOYAN winery with food, music and much more! Come enjoy the fun!
Semana Santa on the Bajio
Sep 13

6:00 pm

A "Moon" ceremony in "El Charco". In an open area you will contemplate and admire how the full moon displays itself between the mountains. Come and join in this unique experience!
Semana Santa on the Bajio Sep 14

7:30 pm

Enjoy this great concert tribute to many popular Cuban musicians.
Semana Santa on the Bajio Sep 15

$500.00 pesos MXN
5:00 pm

"Ask us for more information and we can get tickets for you!
Semana Santa on the Bajio Sep 15

11:00 AM
$600.00 pesos MXN
Tikets At Mixta or Contact Us

"Rancho ZANDUNGA is the perfect place for a great event! Your ticket includes food, music and a unique experience. This is something you do not want to miss!
Semana Santa on the Bajio Sep 15

7:00 PM
$600.00 pesos MXN
Tikets At reservaciones@fatima7.com or Contact us

Fátima 7 Rooftop invites you to join and celebrate Mexican Independence. Their view is unbelievable and the evening will be unforgettable!
Semana Santa on the Bajio Sep 15

7:00 PM
$1,200.00 pesos MXN
Tikets At Zumo or Contact us

The new and amazing ZUMO restaurant invites you to come and celebrate a "Mexican Night" with great music, fabulous food and wonderful surprises. Open bar all night!
Semana Santa on the Bajio Sep 19

6:00 pm

"Mexican Roots" will be an amazing choral concert performed by talented young members of La Biblioteca and Capella Sanmiguelense.

More Events for September 15.

Contact us for more information.

San Miguel Rental Sale Management Construction
San Miguel Rental Sale Management Construction
San Miguel Rental Sale Management Construction
San Miguel Rental Sale Management Construction
  If you need help or more information please Contact Us


Bike tours around San Miguel de Allende
Tours to Dolores, Guanajuato, Queretaro, Patzcuaro.
Hot Springs
House and Garden Tours
Horseback riding day or overnight trips.
Shopping around San Miguel





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