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Graciela Loyola

I was born and grew up in Mexico City where I married and had 4 children. I worked for Lancôme, the 3M Company, and Cyanamid Labs until we moved to Chihuahua.


During the 13 years I remained in Chihuahua, I worked for Hallmark Cards, Inc. managing over 1,300 employees. I later moved to San Miguel de Allende, where I managed over 200 employees at the Guajuye Glass Factory as Plant Manager.

I began working for Casas de San Miguel until 2003, when my business partner, Peggy Blocker, and I bought the Management portion of this business.


As a former Board Member and Treasurer of San Miguel’s Biblioteca, I brought a four-year deficit into the black in a single year. I also served as Secretary, Treasurer, and Vice President of AMPI San Miguel, the National Real Estate Association of Mexico and in 2015 served as President. 

I own my own home here in San Miguel and enjoy having my family, including 4 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild.  Miguel, the oldest grandchild is 29 years old and graduated as a Mechatronic  Engineer. Next is Rafael, 25 years old, who graduated from college as a Computer & Electronic  Engineer.

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